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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Announcement: Approved New and Continuing Projects for Financial Year 2012/13

On behalf of the APN Inter-Governmental Meeting (IGM), the decision-making body for all of the APN activities, the APN Secretariat is pleased to announce that funding for the following proposals and continuing projects has been approved by the IGM for financial year 2012 , on the advice received from the APN’s Scientific Planning Group (SPG). This year’s awards were approved on the 16th March 2012 at the 17thIGM, which convened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate successful proponents and thank all proponents for their continued interest in, and support of, the APN and its activities.

ARCP proposals approved at 17th IGM

  1. ARCP2011-01FP-DeCosta: A Study on Loss of Land Surface and Changes to Water Resources Resulting from Sea Level Rise and Climate Change
  2. ARCP2011-02FP-Sase: Dynamics of Sulphur Derived from Atmospheric Deposition and its Possible Impacts on East Asian Forests
  3. ARCP2011-03FP-Burnett: Assessing the Impact of Climate Change and Development Pressures on Nutrient Inputs into the Mekong River and Tonle Sap
  4. ARCP2011-06FP-Carter:   Coral Reef and Water Quality Status and Community Understanding of Threats in the Eastern Gulf of Thailand
  5. ARCP2011-08FP-Li: Development of an Integrated Climate Change Impact Assessment Tool for Urban Policy-Makers (UrbanCLIM)
  6. ARCP2011-15FP-Meinke: Improving the Robustness, Sustainability, Productivity and Eco-efficiencies of Rice Systems throughout Asia
  7. ARCP2011-16FP-Kamal: Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Salt Marsh and Sea grass Ecosystems in the South and South East Asian Coasts
  8. ARCP2011-18FP-Siswanto: Climate Change and Human Impacts on Marine Biological Production in the Asia-Pacific Marginal Seas
  9. ARCP2011-20FP-Yoo: Toward a Fire and Haze Early Warning System for Southeast Asia
  10. APCP2011-22FP-Quynh: Carbon Fluxes and Emission from the Red River (Viet Nam and China): Human Activities and Climate Change
  11. ARCP2011-23FP-Roy: Coastal Ecosystem and Changing Economic Activities: Challenges for Sustainability Transition
  12. ARCP2011-24FP-Ochiai: GEOSS/Asian Water Cycle Initiative/Water Cycle Integrator GEOSS/AWCI/WCI)
  13. ARCP2011-29FP-Musafer: Sustainable Biochar Systems in Developing Countries
  14. ARCP2011-21FP-Prayitno: Impact of Climate Change on Mangrove Biodiversity in Southeast Asia (AWARDED A SEED GRANT)
  15. ARCP2011-31FP-Crawford: Human Responses to Catastrophic Monsoon Events in South Asia: Spatially Explicit Modelling in Low-Lying Coastal Bangladesh and India. (AWARDED A SEED GRANT)

Continuing multi-year ARCP projects approved for a further year at 17th IGM

  1. ARCP2011-11NMY-Patra/Canadell: Greenhouse Gas Budgets of South and Southeast Asia
  2. ARCP2011-12NMY-Fortes: Sea grass-Mangrove Ecosystems: Bioshields Against Biodiversity Loss and Impacts of Local and Global Change Along Indo-Pacific Coasts” (The Sea grass-Mangrove Bioshield Project, SMBP)
  3. ARCP2010-13NMY-Herath: Developing Ecosystem based Adaptation Strategies for Enhancing Resilience of Rice Terrace Farming Systems against Climate Change
  4. ARCP2011-14NMY-Salik: Impact of Climate Change on Mangroves Ecosystem in South Asia
  5. ARCP2011-15NMY-Zhen: Holistic Assessment of Land-use Change and Impacts on Ecosystem Services of Wetlands
  6. ARCP2011-16NMY-IGBP: An International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Synthesis  Theme on: Global Environment Change and Sustainable Development: Needs of Least Developed Countries
  7. ARCP2011-17NMY-Mathukumalli: Tracing Nitrogen and Carbon Biogeochemical Processes in the Inter-tidal Mangrove Ecosystem (Sundarban) of India and Bangladesh: Implications of Global Environmental Change
  8. ARCP2011-18NMY-Jung: Impacts of Global Warming on Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in the Northwest Pacific


CAPaBLE proposals approved at 17th IGM

  1. CBA2011-02FP-Gordov: Capacity Building to Study and Address Climate Change-Induced Extremes in Northern Asia.
  2. CBA2011-03FP-Kanie: Exploring Effective Architecture for Emerging Agencies in International Environmental Governance.
  3. CBA2011-05FP-Shang: International workshop on Marine Invasive Species (MIS) Problems in Northwest Pacific Region.
  4. CBA2011-06FP-Hashim: Global Environmental Change and Human Health:  Extreme Events and Urbanization in the APN Region.
  5. CBA2011-07FP-Cruz: Enhancing the LGU Capacity for Implementing Conservational Farming Village and a Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation and Upland Environment.
  6. CBA2011-10FP-Hiwasaki: Capacity Building to Strengthen Resilience of Coastal and Small Island Communities against Impacts of Hydro-Meteorological Hazards and Climate Change.
  7. CBA2011-11FP-Salinger: Rise Up – Pacific Futures.
  8. CBA2011-13FP-Zhang: International workshop: Needs Assessment for Capacity Development for Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research in the Asia-Pacific region.
  9. CBA2011-14FP-Rasul: Impact of Climate Change on Glacier Melting and Water Cycle Variability in Asian River Basins.
  10. CBA2011-16FP-Fuentes: ASEAN Training Workshop on Building Capacity on ABS.
  11. CBA2011-17FP-Pradhananga: Preparation of Next Generation Leadership in Sustainability: An Approach in the Asia Pacific Region.
  12. CBA2011-18FP-Zondervan: Governing Critical Uncertainties: Climate Change and Decision-Making in Transboundary River Basins.
  13. CBA2011-20FP-Sangmanee: Capacity Building Using Simulated Climate Scenario and Climate Change Impact Assessment on Hydrological Regime in Se Done Basin, Lao PDR.
  14. CBA2011-08FP-Bora: Institutionalizing Agroforestry as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy through   Local Capacity and   Policy Development in Southeast Asia. (AWARDED SEED GRANT)
  15. CBA2011-SP46-Adiningsih: Capacity Building of Climate Change Adaptation on Urban Planning in the Southeast Asia (AWARDED SEED GRANT)

Continuing multi-year CAPaBLE projects approved for a further year at 17th IGM

  1. CBA2011-07NMY-Abawi: Building Scientific Capacity in Seasonal Climate Forecasting (SCF) for Improved Risk Management Decisions in a Changing Climate.
  2. CBA2011-12NMY-Hasson: Capacity Building in Advanced Remote Sensing (RS) & Geographic Information System (GIS) Techniques for Studying Snow & Ice Dynamics in Hindu Kush-Karakoram-Himalaya (HKH) Region. (Withdrawn)