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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Global Youth Forum on Climate Change — SLYCAN Trust

Image: SLYCAN Trust

The Global Youth Forum on Climate Change, organized by SLYCAN Trust on 16-18 December 2020, placed an emphasis on the role of youth in intergenerational justice, equity, resilience and other aspects of climate action.  The Forum was initiated in 2016 and has since fostered increasing youth participation by focusing on knowledge and information sharing as well as capacity building.

APN, represented by Dr Linda Anne Stevenson of the Secretariat, participated in the session “Incorporating climate and disaster risk management into actions” and shared the latest actions by APN through the research and capacity development projects it funded in South Asia and Southeast Asia. These include case studies of capacity development activity that enhance local governments’ institutional resilience, improving community capacity in rapid disaster mapping, and promotion of institutional and community awareness of safe building codes for disaster resilience. Dr Stevenson emphasized the importance of informal dialogue and regional collaboration in integrating scientific findings into policy planning.