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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2022

Assessment of the Ecological Risk from Heavy Metals in the Surface Sediment of River Surma, Bangladesh: Coupled Approach of Monte Carlo Simulation and Multi-Component Statistical Analysis

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Integrated Approach to Quantify the Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Changes onWater Quality of Surma River, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Robust clustering for assessing the spatiotemporal variability of groundwater quantity and quality

Brief • 2021

Establishment of rainwater harvesting facilities in selected upland farming communities in Albay Province, Philippines: Lessons and experiences

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Effects of forest growth in different vegetation communities on forest catchment water balance

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Investigating the main reasons for the tragedy of large saline lakes: Drought, climate change, or anthropogenic activities? A call to action

Project • CRECS2020-06MY-Maharjan

Towards sustainable urban water management in Hindukush Himalayan (HKH) Region: a participatory approach to improving water security in mountain cities

Photo by Samuel Toh on Unsplash

Project • CRRP2021-01MY-Wee

Development of environmental DNA reference database for coastal resource management of Southeast Asian mangroves

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Enhancing water supply resilience in a tropical island via a socio-hydrological approach: A case study in Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Project • CBA2020-12SY-Saefuddin

Development of affordable micro-irrigation for small-scale farming in marginal land for food security and efficiency of water use