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Researcher • 29 March 2021

Flora Vano

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Project • CBA2020-11SY-Higelin

Connecting women-led local realities with the global discourse on climate adaptation and DRR: Interrogating women’s lived experiences in Cambodia and Vanuatu

Project • CBA2018-03MY-Bellotti

Enhancing capacity of scientists and practitioners for promoting resilient food systems in Indonesia and the South Pacific

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Barriers to reducing climate enhanced disaster risks in Least Developed Country-Small Islands through anticipatory adaptation

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Global environmental change and vulnerability of Least Developed Countries to extreme events: Editorial on the special issue

Peer-reviewed publication • 2013

The end of the Pacific? Effects of sea level rise on Pacific Island livelihoods

Peer-reviewed publication • 2013

Beyond the core: community governance for climate-change adaptation in peripheral parts of Pacific Island Countries

Peer-reviewed publication • 2012

Development of an enhanced tropical cyclone tracks database for the southwest Pacific from 1840 to 2010

Peer-reviewed publication • 2012

Reconstructing the South Pacific Convergence Zone Position during the Presatellite Era: A La Niña Case Study

Project • ARCP2011-16NMY-IGBP, ARCP2012-06CMY-IGBP

An International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Synthesis Theme on: Global Environment Change and Sustainable Development: Needs of Least Developed Countries