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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Resources • 2022

Training manual: APN project on building capacity to enhance farmer’s capabilities to address the challenges of climate change using climate smart agriculture strategies

Resources • 2022

प्रशिक्षण निर्देशिका ए.पी.एन. परियोजना जलवायु परिवर्तन की चुनौतियों के समाधान हेतु किसानों की क्षमताओं को बढ़ाने की जलवायु स्मार्ट खेती प्रणाली

Brief • 2021

Evolution of eco-agriculture systems: Towards climate resilient agriculture

Photo by Mamun Srizon on Unsplash

Project • CBA2020-02MY-Mizuno

Development of adaptation communication framework mainstreaming indigenous and local knowledge for Hindu-Kush Himalayan region

Researcher • 26 August 2020

Sayed Samiullah Hakimi

Project • CBA2019-03MY-Kaushik

Building Capacity to Enhance Farmer’s Capabilities to Address the Challenges of Climate Change Using Climate Smart Agriculture Strategies

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Drought risk management for increased cereal production in Asian Least Developed Countries

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Droughts in Asian Least Developed Countries: Vulnerability and sustainability

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Global environmental change and vulnerability of Least Developed Countries to extreme events: Editorial on the special issue

Project • ARCP2011-16NMY-IGBP, ARCP2012-06CMY-IGBP

An International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Synthesis Theme on: Global Environment Change and Sustainable Development: Needs of Least Developed Countries