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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • 2004-CB06-NSY

Training Seminars on Methodological Issues related to the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

Project • 2004-14-NMY, 2005-04-CMY

Integrated regional studies of global change in monsoon asia: Phase 1: APN/SCOPE/START rapid assessment project of global change in Monsoon Asia

Project • 2004-CB07-NSY

Prototype Training Workshop for Educators on the Effects of Climate Change on Seasonality and Environmental Hazards

Project • 2004-15-NSY

Fourth International Human Dimensions Workshop-Globalisation and Food Systems: A Global Environmental Change Perspective

Project • 2004-CB08-NSY

Toward Quantitative Understanding of the Natural Fluctuations of Marine Coastal Fisheries of Sardines and Anchovies and their Impact on Fishing-Dependant Human Communities

Report • 2004

Global Change Coastal Zone Management Synthesis Report

Institutional material • 2004

Proceedings of the Ninth Intergovernmental Meeting and Ninth Scientific Planning Group Meeting, Canberra, Australia

Project • 2003-08-NMY, 2004-04-CMY

Regional, Multi-scaled, Multi-temporal Land Use and Land Cover Data to Support Global Change Research, Land Use Management and Policy Making: A SEARRIN LUCC Project

Project • 2003-CRP01-NMY, 2004-CRP01-CMY, 2005-CRP01-CMY

Enhancement of National Capacities in the Application of Simulaton Models for the Assessment of Climate Change and its Impacts on Water Resources and Food & Agricultural Production

Project • 2003-10-NMY, 2004-05-CMY

Building local capacity for global change research: the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment sub-global activities in the Asia-pacific region