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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Workshop Summary: Capacity building for measuring multi-hazard livelihood security and resilience in the Lower Mekong Basin

The Mekong River basin countries are frequently exposed to hydro meteorological hazards such as floods and droughts due to its exposure to the multiple hazards. Consequently, livelihoods in the Lower Mekong Basin are threatened by the construction of hydropower facilities and various developmental projects in China, Laos and Cambodia. The project ‘Capacity Building for Measuring Multi-Hazard Livelihood Security and Resilience in the Lower Mekong Basin’ is being implemented in three LMR countries; Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to enhance the capacity of multiple stakeholders involved in disaster risk and natural resource management to assess the resilience and livelihood security of communities exposed to natural and anthropogenic hazards in the region and identify areas of intervention.

This capacity building workshop is being organized to advocate the need for integrated action in multi-hazard disaster resilience and livelihood security and aims at enhancing the capacity of various stakeholders to adopt the developed assessment tool in their actions and interventions in multi-hazard disaster risk management.