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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Design of small gravity drip irrigation for smallholder farming in water-scarce regions of Indonesia

Based upon the early findings of CBA2020-12SY-Saefuddin “Development of affordable micro-irrigation for small-scale farming in marginal land for food security and efficiency of water use“, the presentation ws presented at the 4th International Conference of Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics.

Eastern region of Indonesia is the home of tropical biodiversity which becomes not only national, but also global invaluable legacy. Sustainable biodiversity management through one health (people-plant-planet) approach and sustainable development goals remains become a challenge. Especially since the fast change in environment, driven by the increase of global food and fiber production, processing, distribution and consumption, creates multiply effect in the environment and community. Beyond these circumstances, problematic issues mentioned above must be soon addressed through smart and sustainable technology innovations in agriculture sector.

As such, the conference provided a networking opportunity among research institutions, universities, governments, and industries in local and/or international levels to support digital agricultural research innovation, and resulting in a profitable and resilient agriculture and food sector.