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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Climate Change Education Modules

Background and aims of training: This training manual supported 4-day Training of Training on “Building Future Expertise in Climate Change Research for Agricultural Universities and Institutions in Cambodia”. The development of a training manual and the training of trainer program on basic of climate change is the critical to achieving the objectives of the training in building capacity to adapt to climate change.

Purpose of this training manual: This training manual seeks to provide knowledge of and training in basic of climate change. In this context the trainee will learn the concept of climate change with emphasize of climate change history.

How the training material was developed: There are many sources for developing this manual. Internet is the major source including and which is the International Journals for best matching literature review. However, since the scope of this manual is mainly demonstrate in the context of Cambodia; it is very important to access the documents from Ministry of Environment for documentation and also others research as well.