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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2008-13NSG

Seed Grant for Inter-Agency Earth Observation (EO) Information Collaborate Technologies Changing the Global Change (GC) Research in Asia Pacific (AP) Region

One of most difficult problems APN scientists facing now is the lack of EO data and data usage experience. Global change research mostly depends on multi-discipline knowledge and multi-source EO data. The scientists in this field mostly have to base their model research and system development on some given EO data sets. The next generation of EO data and information infrastructures is focusing on the multi-agency collaboration technologies. It provides users a new way to use and organize the global change studies. As the leading international organization promoting interoperability and sharing of multi-source EO data, CEOS/WGISS has a lot of experience and knowledge on this topic. The target of our project is to bring the experience and knowledge on EO from CEOS/WGISS to scientists in the APN area, discuss how to use the next generation EO information technology, and find appropriate approaches to develop their global change models based on this new EO capability and support. Finally, the most important target of this proposed activity is, working with other international leading work from UN GAID eSDDC and CODATA, as well as focusing the activities of GEOSS, to call for and then to promote an Asian-Pacific Area Global Changing used Earth Observation joint data infrastructure (GC-APWG, Global Changing Asian-Pacific Wide Grid).

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