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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2011-02CMY-Koike, ARCP2010-10NMY-Koike

River Management System Development in Asia Based on Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) under the GEOSS

This project was launched under the GEOSS/Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI) framework to develop an advanced river management system in AWCI member countries by exploiting the Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) data and data integration capabilities. The system is based on integration of data from earth observation satellites and in situ networks with other types of data, including numerical weather prediction model outputs, climate model outputs, geographical information, and socioeconomic data. Each country had nominated one demonstration basin for which in situ data were archived at DIAS and where a demonstration project was launched to generate information for making sound water resources management decisions while taking global climate change into account. The project included two meetings of AWCI International Coordination Group (ICG), which comprises representatives of water-related ministries and agencies of the participating countries, and one training course focused on techniques for climate change assessment. The meetings were organized with support of the two collaborating projects ARCP2011-05CMY-Bae and CBA2011-02CMY-Kaihotsu and provided good opportunities to present the capabilities of the targeted system to decision makers by showing the results of demonstration projects, which were carried out in cooperation between each country team and the experts of the AWCI collaborating organizations.

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