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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2011-15NMY-Zhen, ARCP2012-05CMY-Zhen

Holistic Assessment of Land-use Change and Impacts on Ecosystem Services of Wetlands

Wetland ecosystem in Asia plays a key role in providing necessary goods and services for humans and wild animals. With the rapid economic development and population growth, wetland ecosystem in Asian countries has been experiencing significant changes, it is therefore essential to assess such changes. This project attempts to investigate the impacts of land-use change on ecosystem services in three wetlands of international importance in China, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Assessment criteria, methods and techniques developed and used will contribute to technical capabilities of participation countries. The project will also provide information needed for wetland decision-making, and increase public awareness and young scientists’ capability of wetland issues for sound management action. It has also established networks with APN, IHDP, GLP, IGBP, WFP, UNEP and national and international relevant networks, good research cooperation and exchange of APN’s member countries has been established.

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