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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Yun-Young Lee

APEC Climate Center

Dr. Yun-Young Lee is a research scientist in Prediction Research Department of APEC Climate Center (APCC). She completed her Ph.D. in atmospheric science in 2011 from Seoul National University, Korea, where she focused on understanding North Pacific winter storm track and its relationship with slowly-varying climate modes. She continued her research on the dynamics of temperature extremes over North America while working in Georgia Institute of Technology and University of California, Davis. After joining APCC in 2015, Dr. Lee extended her research scopes into seasonal to subseasonal timescale prediction and climate information services. She had been actively leading in improving the CLimate Information toolKit (CLIK) system of APCC with her team. She has been also involved in developing climate information service for the Pacific Islands that is the Pacific Island Countries Advanced Seasonal Outlook (PICΛSO). Currently, her main research interest is the subseasonal prediction evaluation and its improvement through statistical-dynamical hybrid techniques.