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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Tadashi Toyama

University of Yamanashi

Dr Tadashi Toyama is a Professor at the University of Yamanashi and a bio-environmental engineer. His research works are focused on wastewater treatment using constructed wetlands and bio-resource/energy recovery from wastewaters. He has published more than 60 academic papers on biodegradation of hazardous chemicals, wastewater treatment, bio/phytoremediation, biomass/biofuel production, nutrient recovery, environmental microbial community, and constructed wetlands. He has high technical abilities in chemical analysis, microbial analysis, molecular biological methods, and constructed wetland design. He had developed several constructed wetlands and demonstrated the efficient removals of organic compounds, nitrogen, emerging contaminants, phenolic compounds, antibiotics, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria/genes by using the constructed wetlands.