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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Oulavanh Sinsamphanh

National University of Laos

Oulavanh Sinsamphanh, Head of Postgraduate Division Lecturer and researcher, and Co-founder of Eco-Campus Project at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, National University of Laos. Her specialist majors focusing on climate change and sustainable development especially climate modelling, climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster preparedness and risk reduction management. She became a national and international research’s member with the Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Young researcher for Low Carbon Asia Research Network (LoCARNet), Japan, joint research with Greenhouse Gases Inventory Research Center (GIR), Korea. She was working as a technical working group, national consultant, with ADB on health impact assessment project coordinator, capacity building expert for urban low emission strategies development project with UN-habitats, capacity building experts on Greenhouse gases inventory and MRVs system with the department of climate change management and UNEP, she has participated with ASEAN university networks for many research fields. Currently, she is responsible for Lao PDR’s Project for Stockholm Environmental Institute on Domestic water accessibility in vulnerable communities in Lower Mekong countries. She joined Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiatives YSEALI for Regional programme as Young Southeast Asia Women Leadership, Professional Urban Planning and smart growth and YSEALI Professional Fellows for environmental and sustainable development in USA 2018.