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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Duong Du Bui

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Viet Nam

Duong Du BUI is a water specialist whose research focuses on water-induced risk management in Vietnam and the ASEAN region. After finishing his PhD at the Tokyo Metropolitan University as a fellow of “Asian Human Resource Program” in 2011, he was a postdoctoral research assistant at the United Nations University (UNU, 2011), then a became a research fellow at the National University of Singapore (NUS, 2012-2013). Upon his return Vietnam in 2013, he worked as Head of the IWRM Department at Hanoi University of Natural Res. and Environment (HUNRE, 2013-2014); and currently as a Director of Water Monitoring Department & Chairman of Young Union at National Center of Water Resources Planning and Investigation (NAWAPI, 2014-now) under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Vietnam. The responsibility of his current position is the supervision of the maintenance and operation of nation-wide monitoring and forecasting systems of water resources, towards providing accurate and timely information for water risk reduction and management to authorities, stakeholders and society in entire Vietnam. He also serves as co-founder and General Secretary of Vietnam wAter Cooperation Initiative- VACI at MONRE; Steering committee member of Vietnam Water Partnership- a Country chapter of Global Water Partnership (GWP) and recently elected as of Chair (Water, Ecology & Fisheries) of US-ASEAN S&T Fellow Association-a regional program initiated by US Government and ASEAN since 2014 to support scientists in Southeast Asia to work together with policymakers in advancing regional cooperation on ASEAN strategic priorities. During the course of his works, he has led a number of national and international projects in Vietnam, Mekong and ASEAN regions; published intensively with some 30 papers in top peer-reviewed journals; and developed several water innovations (e.g. the first of its kinds in Vietnam such as the Vietnam nation-wide Grided Forcing Datasets (V-FORCE), Nation-wide Reservoir and Dam monitoring Tool (V-RESDAM), and Nation-wide Water Model (NWM)) which are currently operationalised at NAWAPI/MONRE.