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Winner of L. B. Brown Memorial Photo Contest for September Announced

11 November 2015 —APN is pleased to announce one winning photograph for the month of September in the ongoing annual L. B. Brown Memorial Photo Contest 2015.

The winner for September Cutting Our Carbon Footprint” is Danish Ahmad Mir (India) who submitted a photo portraiting a man bringing home his stock of field straw in a cold desert, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

The winning photo for September, along with other monthly winners, will be exhibited at APN’s 21st IGM/SPG Meeting to be held in March 2016, where the grand winner of the annual L. B. Brown Memorial Award will be selected. For the month of October, APN welcomes entries under the theme “Local Knowledge for Global Resilience” in recognition of the global celebration of the International Day for Disaster Reduction on 13 October 2015. For details to submit your entry: please click this link.

Winning Photographs:

Photo: Danish Ahmad Mir (CC BY-NC 4.0)
I wonder if this man from country side, knows anything about climate change, if he knows anything about the concept of Passive houses, but what is impressive is that his life style is the proposed solution towards reducing carbon footprint – in this case he is bringing home his stock of straw, collected from field; he will use this straw as a roof top for his house, for his animal shed, for making his household furniture, as a natural heat insulating material to keep him warm on his cozy bed, as a heat insulating material for his cattle. (Danish Ahmad Mir)

“This picture shows we can learn lots of things from local and traditional way of life to make sustainable lifestyle.”

— Hiroshi Tsujihara, Director, APN Secretariat

Touching and inspiring picture, simple and straight to point the theme.”

— Dr. Xiaojia He, representing the nFP for China

Runners-Up (September):

APN would also like to thank all participants of the September contest for their amazing captures, especially the three photos below which were shortlisted as runners-up for the month.

Photo by Dr Dileswar Nayak, India
Low carbon profession using bicycle

It was a very amazing evening to see a man sharpening knives on the street by using the wheel of his bicycle. And he said that bicycle was also his mean of working transportation. Though he may not know about the low input carbon economy profession for green economy. Thanks those workers who are still doing such works for sustainable life on the earth surface.

Location: Navsari, Gujarat, India

Photo by Michael S. Sanchez, Philippines
Eco-friendly transportation

Using bicycle or rickshaw as a mean of transport is an effective way to cut our carbon footprint, and promote environmental and human health. Government should provide lanes to encourage people to use such vehicles and to ensure their safety.

Location: Biratnagar, Nepal

Photo by Danish Ahmad Mir, India
Simple happiness

‘I love my bike! It doesn’t need battery, nor does it need any fuel. I made it from disposal wood in my surrounding forest.‘  The happiness and satisfaction on the faces of these joyous kids playing with their handmade bike in Gurez, Kashmir, a small village by line of control between India and Pakistan, makes me wonder if we really need energy intensive, high carbon footprint gadgets and games to be happy.

Location: Gurez, Jammu and Kashmir