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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Book / book chapter • 2020

Sustainable solutions for urban water security: Innovative studies

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Предложения по совершенствованию регионального финансового механизма использования, охраны и воспроизводства лесных ресурсов

Project • CBA2020-04MY-Le

Towards sustainable mangrove-shrimp aquaculture through capacity building and partnership in the Mekong River Delta

Project • CRRP2020-08MY-Srivastava

Protecting ecosystems and livelihoods of the Sundarbans, a World Heritage site: Assessing the impact of natural hazards on forest-based ecosystem services

Project • CRRP2020-03MY-He

Urban water management and flood risk reduction: A platform to share integrated sustainable practices in Asian coastal countries

Project • CRRP2020-09MY-Kantoush

Integrated flood and sediment management in river basins for sustainable development

Perspective • 2 March 2021

China mainstreaming ecosystem restoration technology into national development priorities for building an ecological civilization

News Item • 15 January 2021

APN shares latest work and activities with graduate students at the University of Hyogo

Webinar • 8 January 2021

SLYCAN Trust virtual summit on just transition

Peer-reviewed publication • 2020

A materialist-idealist divide? Policy and practice in participatory mangrove rehabilitation in the Philippines