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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Results of the 2016 Call for Proposals under CRRP, CAPaBLE and CRYS

The APN’s Inter-Governmental Meeting (IGM), the decision-making body for all of APN’s activities, decides on which proposals to approve on the advice received from APN’s Scientific Planning Group (SPG) and Capacity Development Committee (CDC). This year’s awards were approved on the 27 April 2016 at the 22nd IGM in New Delhi, India.

The selection process had been a very difficult task given that the proposals received under the 2016 Call for Proposals under CRRP, CAPaBLE and CRYS were of considerable quality and the importance of all the themes outlined in the proposals. This year, the proposals were internally reviewed by members of the APN SPG and CDC, and externally reviewed by expert reviewers drawn from the international Global Change community.

The 22nd IGM approved:

  • Nine new proposals submitted under the 2016 Call for Proposals for CRRP. All nine proposals will receive project funds.
  • Eight new proposals submitted under the 2016 Call for Proposals for CAPaBLE. Seven proposals will receive project funds; one proposal will receive a seed grant for further development of the proposal.
  • Three proposals submitted under the Call for Proposals under CRYS. All three proposals will receive project funds.

The approved proposals are outlined below. APN Secretariat will send award letters to successful proponents in due course with exact details, including the funding amount and conditions for the approved award. We ask for your patience during this time.

For those proponents whose names do not appear in the awards list below, the APN Secretariat will provide feedback in due course, however, please understand that this may take a while and we ask for your patience and understanding during this time.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate successful proponents. We also thank all proponents for their continued interest in, and support of, the APN and its activities. We at the APN Secretariat wish you the very best of success in your endeavours.

Communication & Scientific Affairs Division
APN Secretariat

List of proposals approved at 22nd IGM in New Delhi, India

Call for Proposals under CRRP

  • CRRP2016-FP01-Ahmed: Understanding the opportunities and challenges of compliance to building codes for disaster resilience in South Asia – the cases of Bangladesh and Nepal
  • CRRP2016-FP02-Farzaneh: Multiple benefits assessment of the low emission development strategies in Asia-Pacific cities
  • CRRP2016-FP05-Camacho: Sustainable mangrove rehabilitation for global and local benefits
  • CRRP2016-FP06-Balt: Ecological vulnerability assessment for adaptation strategy formulation at different spatial scales in western Mongolia and China
  • CRRP2016-FP08-Kawasaki: Effective models for payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services in Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Thailand
  • CRRP2016-FP09-Demberel: Climatogenic transformation of the alpine landscapes in Mongolian and Siberian Altai
  • CRRP2016-FP10-Marcotullio: Tracking influences of Asian urban GHG emissions for sustainability policies: Identifying low carbon pathways to meet the Paris Agreement
  • CRRP2016-FP12-Sentian: Climate change and biogenic emission impact on particulate and tropospheric ozone in Southeast Asia
  • CRRP2016-FP14-Capon: Improving health outcomes in Pacific Island Countries through better urban governance for climate change adaptation

Call for Proposals under CAPaBLE Programme

  • CBA2016-FP01-Pulhin: Enhancing climate risk resilience through human security development and capacity development in the province of Aurora, Philippines
  • CBA2016-FP03-Raj: Enhancing women farmer’s adaptive capacity to address the challenges of climate change
  • CBA2016-FP05-Hofmann: Management strategy evaluation: Achieving transparency in natural resource management by quantitatively bridging social and natural science uncertainties
  • CBA2016-FP08-Tanimoto: Fostering of the next generation of scientists for better understanding of air quality and regional climate change in Monsoon Asia and Oceania region
  • CBA2016-FP09-Ho: Using indigenous knowledge to enhance community resilience to climate change in mountainous region of Viet Nam
  • CBA2016-FP11-Rizvi: Capacity building of agroforestry stakeholders in Bangladesh and Nepal involving India as technical hub
  • CBA2016-FP13-Akbar: Improving skills for promoting sustainable watershed management practices in South Asia
  • CBA2016-FP02-Tshering: Identification of wetland types in Bhutan with detailed documentation of carbon-rich wetlands (awarded a seed grant)

Call for Proposals under CRYS

  • CRYS2016-FP01-Almaden: Multidimensional indicators of adaptive capacity of rice farming households to address salt water intrusion in the Philippines and Viet Nam
  • CRYS2016-FP03-Panthi: Rainwater harvesting for mitigating drought in Western Nepal
  • CRYS2016-FP05-Sing: Urban biodiversity and human well-being in Asia’s megacities