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Progress in Oceanography Special Volume Dedicated to Dr. Bernard A. Megrey

422Theme: Modeling and observational approaches to understanding marine ecosystem dynamics.


  1. To discuss approaches to modeling the effects of ocean/climate variability on marine ecosystems,
  2. To review their roles in supporting sustainable ecosystem services, and
  3. To explore data needs to improve modeling of marine ecosystems.

During his career at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Bernard Megrey studied marine ecosystem dynamics by linking models and observations. He was engaged in national and international efforts to construct integrated end-to-end fisheries ecosystem models, and to seek out and exploit historical data to improve model skill and general knowledge. He chaired the Technical Committee on Data Exchange (TCODE) at the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) and served on the Ecosystem Modeling group of the GLOBEC/IMBER program on Ecosystem Studies of Sub-Arctic Seas (ESSAS). His commitment brought observational and modeling efforts together. In the spirit of Dr. Megrey’s life-long work, this volume aims to synthesize current modeling methodologies for understanding ecosystem dynamics and highlight data needs for improving models.

Guest Editors:
Enrique Curchitser, Shin-ichi Ito, Kenneth Rose, Michio Kishi and Myron Peck

Papers of interest:

Papers on different types of models will be accepted including mass-balance models, size-based models, minimalist models, individual based models (IBMs) and end-to-end models. Special interest is on models that examine trophic interactions as well as models that link biogeochemical processes with higher trophic level production. Papers on methods for estimating uncertainties in model predictions and discuss data requirement to improve modeling approaches are also encouraged.


November 15 2013: Submission deadline (editors provide initial screening of manuscripts).
February 15 2014: First reviews sent to authors
April 15 2014: Revised manuscripts back to editors
July 15 2014: Final revisions, and go/no go decisions by editors.
September 15 2014: Electronic publication
Winter 2015: Hardcopy.

Manuscript submission instructions:

Manuscripts that authors wish to have considered for the special volume of the Progress in Oceanography need to be submitted online through the Progress in Oceanography Manuscript Central website ( Instructions to authors can be found at (

In the cover letter to the editor please provide a justification as to why the paper is relevant to the special volume and highlight the paper’s research significance and particularly its innovative message, along with its primary scientific contribution.
Please provide names and current contact addresses (including e-mail addresses) of three appropriate referees who have not been associated with the manuscript.

Questions on content matters may be directed to the guest editor Enrique Curchitser ( Other Guest Editors are Shin-ichi Ito (, Kenneth Rose (, Michio Kishi ( and Myron Peck (

The online submission system is now ready. Please check if you already have a user account on the system or create one for yourself otherwise. To submit:

1. Log in as an author. You may need to set up a username with EES.
2. Once you are logged in, please click on “Submit New Manuscript” and you will see “Choose Article Type” dropdown box.
3. Select “Marine Ecosystem Mod-Obs” and follow steps from there.