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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • EBLU2010-04NMY(C)-Skole, EBLU2011-02CMY(C)-Skole

Developing an MRV system for REDD+: Scaling up from project level to a national level REDD+ MRV systems for Laos and Viet Nam

Project • EBLU2010-05NMY(C)-Sekiya, EBLU2011-03CMY-Sekiya

Capacity Building of ALOS satellite data to support Mapping and Monitoring Deforestation and Degradation in Indonesia

Project • RUSD2010-01NMY(R)-Surjan, RUSD2012-01CMY(R)-Surjan

Advancing Locally Based Green Practices to realize establishment of Sound Material Cycle Society in Asian Cities

Project • RUSD2010-02NMY(C)-Sun, RUSD2011-01CMY-Sun

Assessment and Promotion of Japanese Strategies and Techniques for Biomass Use in Countryside of China—Concentrating on Agricultural Straw Residues

Project • EBLU2010-01NSY(R)-Suneetha

Evaluation of Trade-offs between conservation and development- Case of land use change in Malaysia and Indonesia

Project • EBLU2010-02NMY(R)-Takeuchi, EBLU2011-01CMY(R)-Takeuchi, EBLU2012-01CMY(R)-Takeuchi

Critical analysis of effectiveness of REDD+ for forest communities and shifting cultivation based on lessons learnt from conservation efforts in Laos and Thailand

Project • EBLU2010-03NMY(R)-Scheyvens, EBLU2011-04CMY(R)-Scheyvens, EBLU2012-02CMY(R)-Scheyvens

Participatory Approaches to Forest Carbon Accounting to Mitigate Climate Change, Conserve Biodiversity, and Promote Sustainable Development