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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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List of Proposals Approved at 20th IGM in Kathmandu, Nepal March 2015

10 April 2015, Kobe Japan — We are pleased to announce that funding for the following proposals has been approved by the APN’s Inter-Governmental Meeting (IGM) at its 20th meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal on 27 March 2015, based on recommendations from the Scientific Planning Group (SPG) and Capacity Development Committee (CDC) of the APN. Successful proponents will be contacted separately by the Secretariat via email with details of the awards.

Call for Proposals under CAPaBLE Programme

  1. CBA2014-FP02-Avtar: Developing a Training Module to Monitor Forest Cover and Deforestation using Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques under UN-CECAR Framework in support of REDD+ MRV System
  1. CBA2014-FP05-Seitzinger: International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) Landmark Synthesis Event
  1. CBA2014-FP12-Silva: Escalating Small Hydropower Development and Aquatic Biodiversity of Mountain Streams in Sri Lanka
  1. CBA2014-FP14-Prasad: Enhanced Capacity Building for Biodiversity Conservation in Western Ghats – Harnessing the power of Mobile and Volunteered GIS
  1. CBA2014-FP15-Sharifi: Integrated, Resilience-based Planning for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Asia-Pacific Cities
  1. CBA2014-FP16-Comia: On-the-ground Promotion of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies via Establishment of Local Agroforestry Learning Laboratories in Southeast Asia
  1. CBA2014-FP20-Pushpakumara: Scientific Capacity Development to Strengthen Informed-Decision Making for Improved Climate Policy Formulation and Implementation in South Asian Countries
  1. CBA2014-21NSG-Adiningsih: Building Capacity for Urban Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia

Call for Focussed Activities under Climate Adaptation Framework

  1. CAF2014-FP02-Arifwidodo: Understanding Urban Heat Island Effects to Urban Energy Consumption and Implications to Microclimate Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Planning Policy in Major Southeast Asian Cities, to be combined with CAF2014-FP19-Abdulharis: Synergising Academic, Business, Community and Government Institutions for Better Livelihood to Conceptualise Development of Smart Cities towards Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Bandung, Bangkok and Manila
  1. CAF2014-FP04-Shaheen: Climate Smart Agriculture through Sustainable Water Use Management: Exploring New Approaches and Devising Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation in South Asia
  1. CAF2014-FP05-Neef: Climate Change Adaptation in Post-Disaster Recovery Processes: Flood-Affected Communities in Cambodia and Fiji
  1. CAF2014-FP07-Siswanto: Developing High Spatiotemporal Resolution Datasets of Low-Trophic Level Aquatic Organism and Land-Use/Land-Cover in the Asia-Pacific Region: Toward an Integrated Framework for Assessing Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Mitigation of the Asia-Pacific Ecosystems to Global Climate Change
  1. CAF2014-FP08-Monprapussorn: Integrated Analysis of Climate, Land Use and Water for Resilient Urban Megacities: A Case Study of Thailand, Lao PDR and Viet Nam
  1. CAF2014-FP09-Jacobson: Optimizing Climate Change Adaptation through Enhanced Community Resilience
  1. CAF2014-FP10-Dautova: Developing Life-Supporting Marine Ecosystems along the East Asia’s Coasts – A Synthesis of Physical and Biological Data Regarding Coral Reef Ecosystems for the Science-Based Management and Socio-Ecological Policy Making in terms of Global Sustainability
  1. CAF2014-FP11-Odeh: Monitoring Grassland Degradation in North/Central Asia: Deciphering the Impacts of Climate Change and Government Policies at Different Spatial-Temporal Scales using Remote Sensing and Expert Knowledge
  1. CAF2014-FP15-Marambe: Building Climate Resilience in Farming Systems in Sloping Lands of South Asia
  1. CAF2014-FP18-Pham: Utilizing Geospatial Technology to Assess Health Vulnerability to Climate Change for Rural Population in Viet Nam and Philippines
  1. CAF2014-FP23-Kumar: Assessment and Mapping of the Vulnerability of iTaukei (indigenous) Communities in Fiji