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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Lessons Learned from Comparative Studies on Coastal Forest Management in Japan, Myanmar and the Philippines

Policy reviews and case studies were conducted in vulnerable coastal communities of the Philippines (Bohol and Palawan Province), Myanmar (Ayeyawady Delta) and Japan (Okinawa) to assess the effectiveness of bottom-up approaches, extract lessons and identify needs of relevant policies for coastal forest management.

The project examined policy impact on coastal forest management and community-based forest management, including local knowledge to recommend best practices of coastal forest management, integration with human settlement planning and facilities to strengthen community resilience to climate change impacts. It also assessed potential benefits of coastal forests in adaptation to and mitigation of climate change in addition to local livelihoods in food, medicines, construction and spiritual needs.

Using a comparative approach, the project investigated how these local communities manage coastal forests and harness the regulating service of forests in adapting to climate change impacts under similar biophysical conditions but different socio-economic contexts. The results of three country studies are compared and synthesized as a solid basis for policy recommendations and developing a wider network of coastal forest management beyond participating countries.

About This Project

This project was funded by APN grants ARCP2014-19NMY(B&ES)-Liang and ARCP2015-10CMY(B&ES)-Liang. For more information about the project, including its outputs, please visit