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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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IPBES: Inviting External Reviewers for the Draft Scoping Report of the Thematic Assessment of the Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

The IPBES is conducting a scoping of the thematic assessment of the sustainable use of biodiversity by: 1) organising a workshop of experts to produce a revised draft, 2) organising an open review of this draft, and 3) preparing a revised scoping report for consideration by the IPBES Plenary at its fifth session.

For this purpose, a group of experts met in Bonn on 2-4 August 2016 and produced a revised draft scoping report for this thematic assessment.

IPBES is now inviting external reviewers to take part in an open review of this revised draft scoping report, in order to seek views on the proposed approach, in particular from the point of view of users of this future assessment. This open review will take place for four weeks from 5 September 2016 until 2 October 2016.

Following this open review, the document will be revised by the experts and submitted for consideration by the Plenary at its fifth session.

For the review, please fill in the template and send it to no later than 2 October 2016.