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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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APN at the Fourteenth Meeting of the Research Dialogue, SBSTA56

Bonn, 9 June 2022—The Fourteenth Meeting of the Research Dialogue took place on Thursday, 9 June 2022, as part of the mandated events of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). APN has been a part of the Research Dialogue since its inception, intending to provide an informal opportunity to network and discuss needs for climate change research and capacity building, particularly for developing countries, and to support the Paris Agreement and its implementation.

The fourteenth Research Dialogue took place at the World Conference Centre Bonn (WCCB) in hybrid mode and provided an update on research and research needs with focus areas based on contributions from the Parties. These included:

  1. Near-term climate projection and regional modelling
  2. Ocean and cryosphere
  3. Carbon Dioxide Removal
  4. Integrated solutions for adaptation and resilience

The agenda was constructed after an analysis of the Parties’ submissions. Following the dialogue on each of the four thematic areas, there were interventions from the floor on their regional or national research needs in accordance with the guiding questions to support the implementation of the Convention and the Paris Agreement:

  1. What are the latest research findings and lessons learned, particularly at the regional level?
  2. What are specific needs for developing countries’ national and regional research capacity building?
Dr Linda Stevenson, APN with Vositha Wijenayake, SLYCAN Trust and Joanna Post, UNFCCC Secretariat Dr Linda Stevenson, APN with Dr Michael Sparrow, WCRP

Based on the above themes and guiding questions, APN had the opportunity to address the fourth focus area on Integrated solutions for adaptation and resilience by presenting a poster at the back-to-back Poster Session. APN’s poster on Exploring the roles of local communities and local knowledge in integrated solutions for adaptation and resilience: Case studies of APN activities in Viet Nam and the Pacific cited in IPCC Sixth Assessment Report was displayed in the main foyer of the conference centre, and the poster session was held immediately after the Research Dialogue. The session allowed poster presenters to engage with SBSTA and Research Dialogue participants, network and discuss common issues surrounding the themes of the dialogue. All posters remained on display until the end of SBSTA56 on 16 June 2022.

In due course, the UNFCCC Secretariat will provide a formal report of the Research Dialogue and the Poster Session.