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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Conditionally** Approved New Projects for Fiscal Year 2022 (July 2022 – June 2023)

APN held its 49th Steering Committee (SC) remotely in Kobe, Japan, on 22 June 2022. Nineteen proposals were approved at the meeting. The list can be found below. This year, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to successful proponents, but with the additional note that most awards are conditional upon satisfactory discussions with the Secretariat and reviewers. We thank all proponents for their interest in APN and its activities. 

Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP)

  1. CRRP2021-FP01-Sharma: REgional cooperation for FReshwater Ecosystem Services in the Himalayas (REFRESH): Understanding the influences of monsoon variability and compound extremes
  2. CRRP2021-FP04-Shoyama: Ecosystem-based adaptation in Temperate East Asia: Development of an indicator system for evaluating rural ecosystem restoration programs
  3. CRRP2021-FP05-Muhamad Varkkey: Policy and governance approaches to cooperative mitigation of peatland carbon emissions and transboundary haze in Southeast Asia
  4. CRRP2021-FP08-Ho: Safeguarding Regional food security under climate change impacts via mainstreaming nature-based solutions-centred adaptation strategies (NAFOS)
  5. CRRP2021-FP12-Ford: Establishing baselines for marine plastics and bridging indigenous knowledge with ocean policy to improve livelihood security in the Pacific
  6. CRRP2021-FP15-Setiawati: Enhancing coastal risk reduction science and practice by considering climate, ecosystems  and communities in the tropical region
  7. CRRP2021-FP16-Basri: Real-time flood modelling for improved community resiliency in Southeast Asia
  8. **CRRP2021-FP11-Sarangi: Examining the impact of aerosol, urbanisation and irrigation on extreme rainfall occurrences over India using cloud-resolving simulations
  9. **CRRP2021-FP13-Myagmarsuren: Strengthening local adaptation plans through integrating socio-economic vulnerability assessment and policy gap analysis in Mongolia and China

Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE)

  1. CBA2021-FP05-Lo: Developing the capacity of student scientists to support disadvantaged communities in coping with flooding
  2. **CBA2021-FP01-Ramirez: Participatory assessment of land capability for agroforestry in selected upland farming communities in the province of Laguna, Philippines using Agroforestry Land Capability Assessment and Mapping Schemes (ALCAMS)
  3. **CBA2021-FP03-Phan: Promoting youth role in raising community resilience to climate change in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (Mekong Delta CoRe)
  4. **CBA2021-FP04-Tran Ngoc: Strengthening the capacity of officials on Integrated Flood Management Plans (IFMP): Integrating IFMP into provincial disaster prevention plans in coastal provinces of Central Vietnam
  5. **CBA2021-FP07-Shrestha: Building capacities for climate-resilient water resources development under climate uncertainty
  6. **CBA2021-FP08-Ho Ngoc: Promoting nature-based solutions for food security and climate change resilience among ethnic minority people in the Northern Mountainous Region of Vietnam
  7. **CBA2021-FP09-Nguyen: Multidimensional poverty, agricultural commercialisation, and environmental impacts: From discovering conflicts to building sustainable livelihood models for upland communities in developing countries
  8. **CBA2021-FP10-Srinuansom: Strengthening livelihood resilience through community-based aquaculture in rural northern Thailand
  9. **CBA2021-FP12-Balt: Science-policy adaptive capacity for local herding and government groups to reduce climate vulnerability
  10.  **CBA2021-FP13-Tran: Environmental education in combating marine plastic waste – the role of youth in schools

**The Secretariat will be in contact with proponents of the above proposals within 14 days of this announcement