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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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[Closed] Call for Participants: APN 2024 Proposal Development Training Workshop in the Pacific region

With the theme “Global change research in the Pacific“, the APN Secretariat is pleased to announce its Proposal Development Training Workshop (PDTW) for the Pacific region, to be held from 26 to 30 August 2024 in Suva, Fiji. The workshop will address a range of global change topics concerning the Pacific region and its Small Island Developing States, and will provide participants with an opportunity to learn from experienced APN project leaders, past and present, and fellow researchers with regional expertise. Through a combination of presentations, group discussions and practical exercises, participants will gain a critical understanding of the field’s complex challenges and opportunities. They will learn how to identify research gaps, develop research questions, design methodologies and create compelling narratives for their proposals.

Considering limited financial resources and the numbers that can be accommodated for an effective workshop, participants will be selected on a “first come, first served” basis. For this reason, we encourage those interested in submitting their application before the extended deadline on Sunday, 12 May 2024, 23:59 JST.


The main theme of the workshop is: Global change research in the Pacific. Proposals developed with engagement of (1) indigenous, local, or traditional knowledge, community participation, and co-design, or (2) Big Earth Data, are welcomed and encouraged at the Pacific PDTW. The following sub-themes will be addressed in the proposal development activities:

  1. Management of Pacific island and ocean ecosystem services, resources, and circular ecological economy
    Addressing protected land and seascapes, biodiversity and habitat loss, coastal development, sustainable fisheries, food and water security, One Health initiatives, waste pollution such as microplastic debris, and CEE.
  2. Enhancement of climate and disaster risk reduction, resilience and adaptation in Pacific ecosystems and livelihoods
    Identifying vulnerabilities and developing adaptive strategies against climate change, with the utilisation of science, and indigenous (IK) and local knowledge (LK) to enhance the adaptive capacities for the Pacific islands. Possible proposals may consider relocation and displacement, and climate-related sea-level rise.
  3. Pacific climate variability and downscaling observation, assessment, and innovation in global change research
    Incorporating innovative technologies and methodologies, such as Big Earth Data,  the monitoring and observation of earth systems, and citizen science to address Pacific climate variability.


The training workshop and other networking activities will be for five full days, with the tentative schedule outlined below:

Day 1: Monday, 26 August 2024
  • Introduction to APN, the PDTW, and the APN Call for Proposals
  • Discussion session and presentation on the key thematic areas
Day 2: Tuesday, 27 August 2024
  • Official opening of Pacific PDTW
  • Project management essentials and proposal writing launch
Day 3: Wednesday, 28 August 2024
  • Experience-sharing on proposal development and project implementation in the Pacific
  • Group Presentations, review and APNIS submission
Day 4: Thursday, 29 August 2024
  • Proposal review process and presentations
  • Way forward in proposal development and submission
  • Award ceremony, workshop evaluation and closing
Day 5: Friday, 30 August 2024 All Day: Field Trip, departing from Suva and ending in Nadi
PDTW concludes after the field trip.


The PDTW is open to early career professionals from the Pacific and working in the areas related to the workshop’s main theme.  For this reason, applicants requiring funding support will only be accepted from early career professionals who are from, living and working in APN Pacific member and approved countries.


  1. Applicants must be early career scientists/practitioners of 40 years of age and under as of the application deadline. Applicants must be one of the following:
    1. An undergraduate degree holder with five years of related working experience;
    2. A postgraduate student working towards a PhD or Master’s degree (final year);
    3. A Master’s degree holder with three years of related work experience;
    4. A PhD degree holder  with at least one year of working experience, or received their highest postgraduate degree within the previous ten years.
  2. Applicants should be working in areas of, or have academic experience related to, the workshop’s main theme.
  3. Applicants must have a good working knowledge of the English language.
  4. Successful applicants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Applicants seeking funding support will only be accepted from early career professionals who are from, residing in and working in the APN Pacific member and approved countries. Limited funds are available for participants from APN Pacific member countries that are considered as developed: Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.
  6. Applicants applying on a self-funded basis can be within or outside the subregion, but their area of work must be related to the theme of the workshop and the geographical scope of work must be in the Pacific. The applicant must be from one of APN’s member/approved countries.


Interested persons should complete the mandatory four steps outlined below.

  1. Complete and submit the application form provided with this announcement for the Pacific PDTW on the Asia-Pacific Network Information System (APNIS).
  2. Submit resume/CV (maximum 2 pages) with minimum details: Full name, Nationality Date of Birth, Gender, Current Affiliation, Education/Employment History.
  3. Submit a short motivation essay (300-400 words, maximum 1500 characters). The best essay will address the following questions in a narrative style: 
    1. How will this training workshop be important in your career development and what are the expected impacts?
    2. What is your research interest(s)?
    3. What is your motivation for undertaking regional-based Global Change research?
    4. Indicate which of the 3 sub-themes you are interested in (place in order of preference).
  4. Submit a letter of recommendation from your supervisor indicating:
    1. Endorsement to attend the workshop.
    2. How will the training workshop benefit the trainee’s research career?
    3. Commitment and consent as the supervisor of the trainee to encourage the trainee to submit regional-based proposals (to APN or other funding bodies) and/or become engaged in regional-based Global Change research.


  1. A maximum of 25 early career professionals will be selected for the training workshop. Financial support for sponsorship is available from APN, contingent on funding availability.
  2. From each sub-regional member country and approved country (Pacific Island Countries), a minimum of two early-career professionals will be selected as recipients of APN financial support.
  3. Sponsorship for successful applicants will cover the cost of an economy-class air ticket, accommodation, meals and local transportation.  
  4. There is no registration fee to participate in this workshop.

EXTENDED APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, 12 May 2024 (midnight JST) on the APN Information System (APNIS).

Additional information 

  • Participants of the workshop will be provided with breakfast and lunch during the event. 
  • Participants who have previously attended APN PDTWs are ineligible to apply for this training workshop.
  • Participants are required to commit to attending the full five days of events to gain the maximum benefit from the programme.

For additional queries, please contact the APN Secretariat via email to Dr Nafesa Ismail ([email protected]) and Ms Naomi Young ([email protected]).