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Call for Abstracts: International Conference on Water, Energy and Food Nexus for Sustainable Development

Interconnections between water, energy and food should be acknowledged and understood to identify the associated issues among these sectors and the implications they bring on the environment. The water, energy and food (WEP) nexus is an approach that takes into consideration the links between water, energy and food in management, analysis, planning and implementation.

Aiming to interlink scientific understanding and progress with policy and decision making to implement WEP nexus for sustainable development, an international conference on Water, Energy and Food Nexus for Sustainable Development will be held on 19-21 November 2014 at Pattaya City, Thailand. The theme of the conference revolves on: (1) Considering the nexus for sustainability; (2) Management of water-energy-food nexus; and (3) Moving forward with nexus approach.

The conference intends to develop partnerships and networks between interested individuals and institutions with expertise in water, energy and food sectors. Target participants include a wide diversity of stakeholders, including policy and decision makers, researchers and experts, early career scientists and students, and representatives from development organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs), specialised agencies and institutions, and private sectors.

Abstracts, for oral and poster presentations, are welcome from scientists and experts from different disciplines. The organisers are also seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from other organisations wanting to have a side event or workshop during the conference. Deadline of abstract and EOI submission is on 15 July 2014.

Similar initiatives on understanding the interrelationships of water, energy and food are being supported by the APN, one of which is the LCI-funded project titled “Understanding and Quantifying the Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus for Low Carbon Development in Asian Cities” (LCI2012-02NMY(R)-Dhakal).

Conference announcement and circular: