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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Approved New Projects for Fiscal Year 2021 (July 2021 – June 2022)

On 24 June 2021, APN held its 47th Steering Committee (SC) remotely in Kobe, Japan. A total of 24 proposals were approved at the meeting. The list can be found below. We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to successful proponents and thank all proponents for their interest in APN and its activities.

Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP)

  1. CRRP2020-FP01-Borodavko: Hazard assessment of glacial lake outburst floods in Russian, Mongolian and Chinese Altai
  2. CRRP2020-FP02-Paudel: Enhancing ecosystem-based adaptation to disaster risk reduction in the Himalayan river basin: Integrating traditional and local knowledge in disaster management plan in Nepal, India and Bangladesh
  3. CRRP2020-FP05-Ahmad Kamil: The assessment of management strategies in marine protected areas of Southeast Asia for balanced biophysical and socioeconomic benefits with the application of an agent-based model
  4. CRRP2020-FP07-Jegatheesan: Integrated assessment of existing practices and development of pathways for the effective integration of nature-based water treatment in urban areas in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Vietnam
  5. CRRP2020-FP08-Dorji: Development of smart greenhouse (SGH) for temperate and alpine regions to enhance agriculture farming for future food sustainability.
  6. CRRP2020-FP10-Zhao: Impacts of river plume fronts on the distribution and the fate of plastic debris based on high-resolution observations and implications for waste recovery
  7. CRRP2020-FP11-Rashid: Transboundary microplastics contaminations in fish and aquatic food chain along  Brahmaputra river
  8. CRRP2020-FP12-Poudel: Assessing the profitability of climate smart agriculture in the Ganges-Brahmaputra river basin  
  9. CRRP2020-FP14-Latif: Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on air quality of the Monsoon Asia region: Cross-country assessment and facilitating policy
  10. CRRP2020-FP16-Pradhanang Kayastha: Floating Treatment Wetland System (FTWS) – Sustainable green technology to remediate polluted surface water bodies in the COVID-19 era
  11. CRRP2020-FP17-Paudyal: Seasonal influence on transboundary mercury transport over the Himalayas: Implications for society and potential health risk
  12. CRRP2020-FP18-Opdyke: Advancing local flood decision-making for disaster risk reduction
  13. CRRP2020-FP19-Wee: Development of environmental DNA reference database for coastal resource management of Southeast Asian mangroves

Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE)

  1. CBA2020-FP02-Avtar: Knowledge sharing and capacity building workshops for precision agriculture using UAV techniques in South and Southeast Asia
  2. CBA2020-FP05-Sum: Building capacity of extension officers to help farmers better adapt to climate change in the coastal area of Cambodia
  3. CBA2020-FP06-Jha: Integrating heat action plans in climate policy and guidelines for evolving gender-sensitive heat adaptation plans in cities in South Asia
  4. CBA2020-FP07-Truong: Citizen science and co-experimentation for scaling up climate smart agriculture (CSA) in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam
  5. CBA2020-FP08-Pulhin: Resilience-building and future proofing strategies in a multi-stressed scenario in the province of Albay, Philippines
  6. CBA2020-FP09-Hoang: An innovative capacity building mechanism for extension workers and farmers in the context of climate change
  7. CBA2020-FP10-Yadav: Capacity development programme on-site suitability mapping for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) under varying climatic conditions using remote sensing and machine learning-based hydrological modelling tools
  8. CBA2020-FP12-Sopheak: Building future expertise in climate change research (BUILD-FUTURE-CLIMATE CHANGE) for agricultural universities and institutions in Cambodia 
  9. CBA2020-FP13-Pal: Capacity building for measuring multi-hazard livelihood security and resilience in the Lower Mekong Basin
  10. CBA2020-FP14-Ocampo: Resilience-building among smallholder farmers of selected upland farming communities in the province of Isabela, Philippines
  11. CBA2020-FP16-Hossain: Scientific capacity building in assessing coastal dynamics and the influence of climate change in the coastal zone – towards a locally-adapted marine spatial planning (MSP) framework