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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Approved New Projects for Fiscal Year 2019

The APN’s 41st Steering Committee (SC) Meeting held in Kobe, Japan on 9-10 July 2019 approved the following proposals for funding. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate successful proponents and thank all proponents for their continued interest in, and support of, the APN and its activities.

Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP)

  1. CRRP2018-FP02-Kumar: Socio-hydrological perspective of climate change adaptation in large riverine islands: Comparative study from India, Bangladesh and Vietnam
  2. CRRP2018-FP03-Nguyen: Exploring gendered knowledge and inclusiveness in community resilience for flooding disaster. Case studies in Can Tho City (Vietnam) and Cebu City (Philippines) *
  3. CRRP2018-FP04-Sharifi: Assessment of the actual and potential contributions of smart city projects to climate resilience in selected Asia-Pacific cities
  4. CRRP2018-FP07-Chakraborty: Interlinkage of ecosystem services and human wellbeing to enhance climate smart landscapes in small watersheds: analysis for policy-relevant solutions in South Asian context
  5. CRRP2018-FP08-Benkendorff: Understanding the interaction of ocean acidification and marine tourism for sustainable management of coral reefs
  6. CRRP2018-FP10-Abid: Identification and up-scaling of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices for sustainable food security in high altitude farming regions of Himalaya
  7. CRRP2018-FP11-Sato: Search of unidentified organic markers in PM 2.5 and PM 2.5 source apportionment in major cities of Southeast Asia
  8. CRRP2018-FP12-Khanal: Collaborative research platform to manage risk and enhance resilience of coral reefs in Southeast Asia
  9. CRRP2018-FP15-Onodera: Future water resources, its quality management and nutrient flux in Asian coastal megacities
  10. CRRP2018-FP17-Le: Emerging pollutants in surface water environment in large cities in East and Southeast Asia
  11. CRRP2018-FP18-Nguyen: Integrated approach of in-situ measurement, modelling techniques, and advanced satellite remote sensing for mapping and quantifying contribution of local and regional biomass burning sources to air pollution in Southeast Asian countries

Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE)

  1. CBA2018-FP01-Landicho: Establishment of rainwater harvesting technology in selected upland farming communities in the Philippines
  2. CBA2018-FP02-Hoang: Creating a conflict management model as a tool for sustainable community-based tourism (CBT) development in protected areas in Central Vietnam: Lessons from experience in Japan
  3. CBA2018-FP03-Kaushik: Building capacity to enhance farmer’s capabilities to address the challenges of climate change using Climate Smart Agriculture strategies
  4. CBA2018-FP04-Balikuddembe: Climate change, ageing and disability: Life experience of being old, disabled and affected by climate-induced disasters in China
  5. CBA2018-FP05-Do: Enhancing capacity for public communities in renewable energy production from livestock wastes adapting climate change
  6. CBA2018-FP06-Neretin: International workshop on key indicator species and habitats for marine biodiversity change in East Asia
  7. CBA2018-FP07-Sheikh: Pathways to strengthening capabilities for climate smart agriculture in Pakistan
  8. CBA2018-FP08-Wang: ICRC CORDEX 2019: Promoting involvement of early career scientists from the Asia-Pacific Region in regional integrated and sustainable development through active participation and networking
  9. CBA2018-FP09-Fernandez: Developing capacity for post-typhoon disaster waste management in coastal cities in China, Fiji, and the Philippines
  10. CBA2018-FP11-Ghosh Sarkar: Strengthening adaptive capacities of South Asian agrarian communities by developing Climate Information Network (CIN)-based scientific cropping calendar towards preparedness for weather extremes
  11. CBA2018-FP12-Sutrisno: Integrated coastal landscape management: Adaptation related to climate change impact
  12. CBA2018-FP14-Jiang: Facilitating the attendance, interaction and training of early career and developing nation scientists from Asia-Pacific at the WCRP Institute of Advanced Studies in Climate Extremes and Risk Management

* Project conditionally approved.