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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Approved New Projects for Fiscal Year 2018

The APN’s 23rd joint Intergovernmental and Scientific Planning Group (IGM/SPG) Meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand on 11-12 July 2018 approved the following proposals for funding. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate successful proponents and thank all proponents for their continued interest in, and support of, the APN and its activities.

Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP)

  1. CRRP2017-FP03-Babel: Investigations on microplastics pollution in the aquatic environment in selected developing countries from Southeast Asia
  2. CRRP2017-FP05-Nguyen Van: Consumer’s perception of food safety risk and its impact on the willingness to pay for organic food in Southeast Asia
  3. CRRP2017-FP06-Hashimoto: Plausible alternative futures of Island mangroves in the Asia-Pacific: Scenario-based analysis and quantification of mangrove ecosystem services in coastal hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation
  4. CRRP2017-FP08-Shrestha: Mapping groundwater resilience to climate change and human development in Asian cities
  5. CRRP2017-FP10-Ali: Towards robust projections of climate extremes and adaptation plans over South Asia
  6. CRRP2017-FP12-J.Harper: Assessment of the feasibility of applying payment for forest ecosystem services in Vietnam and Bangladesh mangrove forests
  7. CRRP2017-FP13-Yanto: Understanding space-time variability of climate extremes for societal resiliency in Indonesia and India
  8. CRRP2017-FP14-KoikeImplementing science and technology in society for water-related disaster risk reduction
  9. CRRP2017-FP16-Pu: Potential impact of climate change on norovirus incidence and seasonality: Water ecology and human health
  10. CRRP2017-FP17-(Kharel)Kafle: Improving assessment of drought and mitigating its impact on food and water in Nepal and adjoining parts of India
  11. CRRP2017-FP19-Wijenayake: Policy gaps and needs analysis for the implementation of NDCs on adaptation, and loss and damage in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE)

  1. CBA2017-FP01-Indrawan: Capturing sustainable development innovations from the ground, towards strategic advocacy and mainstreaming for SDGs policy across the ASEAN region
  2. CBA2017-FP03-Wanthongchai: Integrated highland wildfire, smoke and haze management in the upper Indochina region
  3. CBA2017-FP05-Mizuno: Capacity building programme on developing project proposals for climate change adaptation for Northeast Thailand
  4. CBA2017-FP08-Fan: Water-food-energy nexus in East Asia: Insights from changes in consumption pattern
  5. CBA2017-FP09-Bellotti: Enhancing the capacity of scientists and practitioners for promoting resilient food systems in Indonesia and the South Pacific
  6. CBA2017-FP10-Nair: The health and restoration of economically and culturally important rivers of India using biological indicators found in Kerala streams, within the context of climate change impacts and sustainable development
  7. CBA2017-FP11-Kwan: Integrating health into urban planning towards sustainable development goals in developing countries
  8. CBA2017-FP13-Lopez-Casero: Strengthening inter-sectoral coordination and governance for the effective implementation of Nepal’s NDCs based on a voluntary national quality-of-governance standard for forest sector activities and programmes
  9. CBA2017-FP14-Perdinan: Climate smart actions “Saung Iklim” for smallholder farmers in Subang District, West Java, Indonesia
  10. CBA2017-FP15-Geetha: Capacity development training workshop on crop simulation modelling and effects of climate risks on agricultural production systems in Southeast Asia