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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Approved New Projects for Fiscal Year 2014/15


The APN’s Inter-Governmental Meeting (IGM) at its 19th IGM in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 21 March 2014 approved the following proposals for funding. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate successful proponents and thank all proponents for their continued interest in, and support of, the APN and its activities.

Annual Regional Call for Research Proposal

  1. ARCP2013-FP01-Babel: Developing an Operational Water Security Index and Its Application in Selected Diverse Regions of Asia
  2. ARCP2013-FP05-Dey: Impacts of Crop Residue Removal for Biomass Energy on Soil Function; Studies to Recommend Climate Adaptive Agricultural Waste Management
  3. ARCP2013-FP07-Heath: Development of An Evidence-based Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit to Help Improve Community Resilience to Climate Change Impacts in Uttarakhand, India
  4. ARCP2013-FP10-Liang: Coastal Forest Management in the Face of Global Change Based on Case Studies in Japan, Myanmar and the Philippines
  5. ARCP2013-FP13-Mishra: Climate Change Adaptation through Optimal Stormwater Capture Measures: Towards a New Paradigm for Urban Water Security
  6. ARCP2013-FP18-Salmo: Influence of Mangrove Biodiversity on Accumulation of Carbon and Resilience to Sea Level Rise: A Comparative Assessment Among Disturbed, Restored and Intact Mangrove Systems
  7. ARCP2013-FP20-Sharp: Integrated Solid Waste Management System Leading to Zero Waste for Sustainable Resource Utilization in Rapid Urbanized Areas in Developing Countries
  8. ARCP2013-FP24-Wang: Integrated Flood Modelling and Pre-disaster Loss Estimation in Asian Countries
  9. ARCP2013-FP25-Wu: Comparative Analysis of Pollution Sources at the Hangzhou Bay & Mekong River Mouths
  10. ARCP2013-FP28-Zhou: Assessment of Climate-Induced Long-term Water Availability in Ganges Basin and Impacts on Energy Security in South Asia
  11. ARCP2013-FP08-Huang: Assessing the Health Effects of Extreme Temperatures and the Development of Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in the Asia Pacific Region (Awarded A Seed Grant)
  12. ARCP2013-FP11-Lokupitiya: Identification of the Best Agricultural Management Practices with Better Greenhouse Gas Benefits in Salinity Affected Area of South Asia (Awarded A Seed Grant)

CAPaBLE Call for Proposals

  1. CBA2013-FP06-Cruz: Collaborative Monitoring System for Enhanced Watershed Management Services in the Philippines
  2. CBA2013-FP07-Divya Sharma: A Comprehensive Capacity Building Program on “Urban Climate Resilience in India”
  3. CBA2013-FP09-Gopal: Capacity Building for Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of Wetlands in Relation to Global Change
  4. CBA2013-FP10-Hien: Scientific Capacity Building in Climate Change Research Techniques for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Vietnam
  5. CBA2013-FP11-Jia: International Training on Regional Ecosystem-Climate Interactions
  6. CBA2013-FP12-Koshy: WCRP-ICTP Summer School on Climate Extremes
  7. CBA2013-FP14-Mathai: Training Workshop and Edited Volume on “Green Growth: Political Ideology, Political Economy and Policy Alternatives”
  8. CBA2013-FP18-Singhruck: Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Local Agricultural Communities through the Development of Seasonal Climate Prediction System
  9. CBA2013-FP20-Vilayphone: Capacity Development of Local Climate Change Communicators in Southeast Asia
  10. CBA2013-FP22-Zhang: IMBER ClimEco4 Summer School – Delineating the Issues of Climate Change and Impacts to Marine Ecosystems: Bridging the Gap Between Research, Assessment, Policy and Management
  11. CBA2013-SGP01-Bora: Capacity Building for Mitigation of Climate Change by Use of Precision Agriculture