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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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APN attends AP-PLAT Plenary Meeting and Capacity Development Regular Meeting

Linda Stevenson and Rieko Tamura from the APN Secretariat participated in the AP-PLAT Plenary Meeting and Capacity Development Regular Meeting, which were conducted online.

Established in 2019, AP-PLAT facilitates climate risk-informed decision-making and adaptation actions across the Asia-Pacific region. AP-PLAT aims to create a unified approach to regional adaptation by fostering collaboration and linking existing initiatives. The recent plenary and capacity development meetings provided organisations with a strategic platform to discuss future adaptation efforts in the Asia-Pacific.

The meetings focused on discussing the “AP-PLAT Three-Year Action Plan” and the “AP-PLAT Three-Year Action Plan for Capacity Development.” Participants engaged in dialogue to implement these plans effectively, furthering climate adaptation efforts in the Asia-Pacific. Active participation was encouraged, and meeting agendas were provided for reference.

In March 2023, the AP-PLAT Framework for Action 2023-2025 was developed to advance science-based decision-making and effective adaptation strategies in the Asia-Pacific region. The Action Plan delineates AP-PLAT’s direction for the next three years, focusing on addressing fundamental issues such as establishing a comprehensive information platform, identifying gaps in regional needs, and initiating projects for capacity development. Five goals were identified to leverage the AP-PLAT partnership, including supporting adaptation planning, developing information platforms and tools, facilitating climate finance proposals, enhancing capacity development, and collaborating on projects with AP-PLAT partners.

Among other agenda items, the meeting included an introduction of AP-PLAT, introduction of activities by AP-PLAT partners, achievements of scientific information and tool development activities, achievements of capacity development activities, plans for the coming year, timeline of AP-PLAT Actions until FY2026, and exchange of views on current AP-PLAT activities and operations.