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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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APEC Climate Center seeking researchers in climate science and application areas

APEC Climate Center is planning on hiring researchers in climate science and application areas to expand the areas of research and services to cater to wider socio-economic needs and interests. The positions will cover broad range of research areas including:

Climate Sciences and Applications

  • Assessment of regional climate change scenarios and detection of long term changes of various weather events (heavy rain, drought, tropical cyclones, etc) based on past observations and model simulations, understanding of uncertainty in the climate change projections.
  • Analysis of climate information (historic records, current observations, predictions at various time scales) and translate it into quantitative information about impacts in various sectors such as agriculture, water resources, health, natural resources, environmental management, economic development etc,.
  • Application of climate information in climate sensitive sectors (agriculture, water, health, economics etc) to minimize climate risk, to help APEC member countries’ plan for adverse and beneficial climate events, to allocate resources, and to achieve development goals.
  • Develop adaptation strategies and risk management opportunities to minimize socio-economic effect on APEC member countries.

The position (senior researcher, researcher, or post-doc) will be determined based on his/her expertise and work experience. The first term of position is up to 3 years with possible renewal based on the performance. The applicants should have Ph.D. in climate sciences, climate change or relevant field.

To apply: Submit the application form (Clik here) with a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae and three letters of recommendation to Mr. Seungwon Chung ([email protected]) by 25. Dec. 2011.

APEC Climate Center was established with the endorsement of APEC Senior Officials in 2005. It is mandated to provide climate information services to the 21 APEC member economies to promote human security and protect life and property from hazards associated with extreme climate events. Since then, APCC has been steadily gaining momentum in becoming a leading center that provides various climate forecast products and capacity building programs in the region.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jin Ho Yoo ([email protected]).