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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Upcoming event: Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling Project/CORDEX Southeast Asia Project Workshop, Malaysia

The SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia downscaling project is organizing a workshop to review the outcomes of the first phase of the project and discuss the work being undertaken in the second phase of the project, which aims to develop even higher-resolution simulations for some sub-domains.

Event title The Final Workshop of the First Phase and the Second Technical Workshop of the Second Phase of the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling (SEACLID)/ CORDEX Southeast Asia Project
Date/Time 7-9 May 2018
Venue Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor

1. To discuss the overall achievements of the first phase of the SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia project

2. To present the latest analysis results of the 25 km x 25 km multi-model simulations over the CORDEX Southeast Asia Domain

3. To provide a platform for scientists who carried out similar regional climate over the Southeast Asia region to share and compare their results with those of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia

4. To launch the RU-CORE SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Data Node

5. To disseminate key findings of SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia and future regional climate change information based on high-resolution and multi-model simulations carried out in this project

6. To discuss the current progress and exchange findings on the 5 km x 5 km multi-model simulations over a number of sub-domains and to discuss and further coordinate efforts on the 5 km x 5 km simulations

Participation Interested participants are required to fill up and submit the registration form below.
How to apply Kindly email the registration form to the Local Organizing Committee (Prof. Dr Fredolin Tangang: [email protected]; [email protected] and copy to Mr Hanapy Bin Gausmian: [email protected]) by 15 March 2018.
For more information For full details about the event, please read the first Announcement of the Workshop