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DENR-ERDB International Conference on Circular Economy (CE): Call for Abstracts

The Department of Environment and Natural Resource of the Philippines, Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (DENR-ERDB) will organise an International Conference on Circular Economy (CE) scheduled to take place on November 8-9, 2023 in Manila, Philippines. This event aims to bring together researchers, industries, and non-government organisations who are engaged in Circular Economy. The conference serves as a hub where researchers, industries, and non-government organisations can share insights, ideas, and findings, sparkling fruitful discussions that can lead to novel perspectives and strategies to CE transition. By fostering cross-border and cross-sector collaboration, the conference facilitates the pooling of resources, ideas, and experiences, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving meaningful progress towards circularity goals. Identifying and aligning forthcoming research efforts through R&D conference is a significant stride towards achieving circularity for sustainable development.


Generally, this R&D Conference will offer a platform for sharing research and development insights, fostering research partnerships, collaborations, and forging connections across the globe. More specifically, its objectives encompass the following:

  1. Share knowledge on conducted research and development and formulated policies on circular economy;
  2. Share action plans to address problems, issues, and challenges on circular economy towards achieving sustainable development;
  3. Enhance collaboration and partnership on research and development endeavors among participating countries; and
  4. Establish linkages to institutionalize schemes to effectively link R & D on circular economy focusing on policy and action plans to governments and high-level decision makers.


The event will be a physical gathering in Manila, Philippines. It will devote session to four (4) sub-themes where circularity plays a major role:

  1. Circular Economy: Towards a Sustainable Supply Chain
  2. Circular Economy Implications on Environment
  3. Circular Economy Policies and Governance for Sustainable Development
  4. Innovation and Technology Advancements in Circular Economy

Each of the four (4) sub-themes will be highlighted through simultaneous technical sessions (2 for each session). The moderators assigned to these themes will be requested to pinpoint three (3) primary discoveries and two (2) essential suggestions, all of which will be presented to decision-makers for consideration.

Target Participants

Invited by the Steering Committee, distinguished speakers will lead the plenary sessions. Attendees will include individuals selected through rigorous technical evaluation as oral and poster presenters. The participant cohort will encompass researchers and practitioners engaged in circular economy, urban ecosystem, and environmental and natural resource management across diverse organisations and institutions. Additionally, representatives from the academia, government bodies, and non-government organisations will also be present.

Call for Abstracts

The conference is seeking the submission of abstracts for presentation, with the deadline of 20 September 2023. For more information, please refer to the attached Call for Abstracts flyer with more information about the submission themes and guidelines.

General inquiries and submissions should refer their correspondence to: [email protected].