Global environmental change and sustainability: Technology transfer needs for Asia and the Pacific


6 December 2016, Kobe, Japan For the next 2 days, APN is convening a scoping workshop on technology transfer needs for developing countries in Asia and the Pacific. The main objective of the workshop is to develop a robust collaborative regional research and capacity development frameworks under the APN. These frameworks are expected to support technology transfer research, synthesis, assessment and capacity development activities, which will produce information for decision makers that could lead to stronger solutions for an adaptable, sustainable, and low-carbon Asia-Pacific under a warming climate.

With speakers and participants from Asian Development Bank (ADB), Global Environment Facility (GEF), Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), UNEP-ROAP, UNEP-IETC, and Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) as well as several APN members and experts in technology transfer, the scoping workshop has kicked off with seven presentations to set the scene for discussing the barriers, gaps, needs, barriers (Day 1), and stakeholder mapping, and gap analysis on research and capacity building (Day 2) in the context of technology transfer.

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Concept Paper for Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer Scoping Workshop – Agenda

Participant list


Technology Transfer Needs in Asia-Pacific – Role of APN

Dr. Linda Anne Stevenson, Head, Division of Communication and Scientific Affairs, APN Secretariat

Enabling Technology Transfer: UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network

Dr. Parimita Mohanty, CTCN Coordinator, Asia Pacific

GEF’s Supporting Activities and Technology Transfer

Ms. Masako Ogawa, Senior Environmental Specialist, GEF

Scaling Cleantech in Asia

Mr. Daniel Hersson, Team Leader (Consultant) Cleantech VC/PE Project, ADB Climate Technology Finance Centre

Case Studies of Technology Transfer Practices

Mr. Gerish Sethi, Senior Director, TERI

Status of Technology Needs of Bhutan

Mr. Karma Tshering, Head, Policy and Programming Services, (Bhutan NDE and TEC member) National Environment Commission Secretariat, Thimphu Royal Government of Bhutan

Case study on Technology transfer and Technical capacity building in resource utilisation – GHG mitigation in Vietnam

Dr. Ngo Kim Chi, Head, Department of Natural Resource Processing and Environmental Protection, Vietnam Academy of Science & Technology