Project Output: Biodiversity of the western part of the South China Sea


August 2016 — A book on “Biodiversity of the western part of the South China Sea” by Dr. Andrey V. Adrianov (APN national Focal Point for Russia) and Dr. Konstantin A. Lutaenko from A.V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology has been released by Vladivostok Dalnauka Publisher. The book is one of the products of APN’s two-year project, Coastal marine biodiversity of Vietnam: Regional and local challenges and coastal zone management for sustainable development (Reference no. ARCP2010-18NMY-Lutaenko/ARCP2011-10CMY-Lutaenko), which summarizes results of long-term biodiversity studies in the western part of the South China Sea.

The 10-chapter book contains papers of Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese authors on the composition, distribution, ecology, and biogeography of reef-building corals, chitons, gastropod and bivalve mollusks, fouling, intertidal and subtidal macrophytes of Vietnam and Hainan Island. Intertidal biotic communities of Vietnam are described in detail. A historical review of marine biological studies of the A.V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the South China Sea is presented with the main bibliography.

Release Date: August 2016
Imprint: Vladivostok Dalnauka

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