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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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News Item • 26 April 2024

[Extended Deadline] Call for Participants: 10th APN Early Career Professional Poster and Networking Session

Peer-reviewed publication • 2024

Pathways of ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction: A global review of empirical evidence

Envi. Res. vol. 242

Peer-reviewed publication • 2024

Historical and projected response of Southeast Asian lakes surface water temperature to warming climate

Peer-reviewed publication • 2024

Climate change research, capacity building and communication on climate extremes over South Asia

Peer-reviewed publication • 2024

Towards sustainable mangrove-shrimp aquaculture through capacity building and partnership in the Mekong River Delta

Peer-reviewed publication • 2024

Plausible alternative future of mangroves and their ecosystem services: Case studies from Asia-Pacific region

Peer-reviewed publication • 2024

Impact of climate-induced floods and typhoons on geriatric disabling health among older Chinese and Filipinos: a cross-country systematic review

News Item • 1 April 2024

APN, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Disaster Resilience and Governance, University of Hyogo, held the “Climate Change × Disaster Reduction Forum”

Report • 2024

Event Report: Training on sustainable upland development through agroforestry: Establishing and enhancing farms using ALCAMS

APN talk at the Andalas University

News Item • 29 March 2024

APN Invited Expert delivered a talk on international grants opportunities for climate change research