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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2011-03NSY-WCRP

WCRP Open Science Conference: Climate Research in Service to Society

The WCRP Open Science Conference assembled over 1900 registered participants including 541 graduate students and early career scientists from 86 nations -­‐ of which more than 300 scientists from developing nations. The conference reviewed latest progress in the climate research and contributed in the “big-­‐picture synthesis” of the current state of knowledge about climate variability and change. Particular emphasis was given to the needs for science-­‐based climate information at regional level, of key sectors of economies, and climate related risk management. Environmental/climate related issues and concerns that the public and decision makers are facing are complex and require trans-­‐disciplinary approach to address them. The conference identified the need for “symbiotic” relationship between providers and users of climate information to ensure that timely, accessible, and easy to understand climate information is developed and used effetely. There is also the need for training and developing the next generation of scientists and decision makers who would be able to pursue and promote the use of actionable climate/environmental information. The outcome of the conference will be published in a book that will contain the major scientific and technical papers prepared and presented during the week, together with the overall synthesis of presentations, discussions and recommendations resulting from the sessions. The conference and its outcomes are already influencing the plans and priorities of WCRP, and the functions and structure of its affiliated Projects, Working Groups and Panels. Considering the scope and interdisciplinary nature of the scientific challenges identified at the conference and a major emphasis on a need for “actionable science” by the conference participants, the need for WCRP partnerships with sister programs at the national, regional and global level will be even greater in the future. WCRP will benefits greatly from the emerging initiatives such as the UN System led Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), and the ICSU Future Earth: Research for Global Sustainability initiative to fulfill its research plan and priorities during the upcoming decade.

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