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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2011-22NSG-Liu

Scoping Workshop to Develop Proposal: The Impact of Global Warming Ocean Atmosphere Feedback Strength in the Tropical Indian Ocean

With the scientific and financial help from APN, the current project holds a scoping meeting with the purpose of strengthening the team and country composition in the proposal submitted to the APN for continual funding. After this workshop, an update proposal had been emerged aiming for the next submission. The workshop has been held at the Sophia hotel, Qingdao, China at 26‐28 August, 2011. The seven experts from China, Malaysia and Thailand attended the workshop and presented fruitful discussion for the proponents. Based on the suggestion from this workshop, the proponents had modified the proposal named with “The Impact of Global Warming Ocean‐Atmosphere Feedback Strength in the Tropical Indian Ocean” for the next submission of ARCP. Except for the modified project contents, more scientists from AP area have been involved in this project. The experts from Global Change Impact Studies Centre, Pakistan and Phuket Marine Biological Center, Thailand were agreed to joint this project. In additional, the project plans to construct a scientific committee (SC) to guarantee the implementation of the project and the experts from Thailand, Malaysia, China and French will be the members of the SC. Moreover, the MOMSEI project, the pilot project of IOC/WESTPAC, has agreed to cooperate with the current project and would provide the chance to disseminate the outcome to others.

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