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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2008-15NMY-Nkitana, ARCP2009-03CMY-Nikitana

Reducing Water Insecurity through Stakeholder Participation in River Basin Management in the Asia-Pacific

This employed a combination of human response options (scientific, engineering, institutional, financial, social, economic) and partnerships (domestic and transboundary), as a powerful tool in good water governance and a precondition for effective policy process towards sustainable development. This project was highlighted in the APN’s Third Strategic Phase (3SP) Evaluation Report because of the following: Engaged stakeholders from the beginning of the project activities, leading to a conceptual framework incorporating stakeholders from private sector, public and governments on river basin management; Project activities went beyond the initial objectives and produced tangible outputs for science, policy, private sector and the public; Impacted both research and stakeholder communities through peer-reviewed publications and stakeholder dialogues; and Good example of multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches to global change research.

Project publications


Project Final Report: ARCP2009-03CMY-Nikitina

Peer-reviewed publication • 2013

Environmental flows and water governance: Managing sustainable water uses

Peer-reviewed publication • 2012

From applying panaceas to mastering complexity: Toward adaptive water governance in river basins

Peer-reviewed publication • 2011

Good water governance: Could stakeholder participation reduce water insecurities in river basins in Asia-Pacific?

Report • 2011

How better governance and stakeholder participation could reduce water insecurities in shared river basins

Book / book chapter • 2010

Adaptive governance of risks: Climate, water, and disasters

Book / book chapter • 2010

Water insecurities and climate change adaptation in Thailand

Peer-reviewed publication • 2010

Towards better water governance in river basins: some lessons learned from the Volga

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

The melting Himalayas: Cascading effects of climate change on water, biodiversity, and livelihoods

Book / book chapter • 2009

Russia: Changes in water management and the water law

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Risk reduction or redistribution? Flood management in the Mekong region

Book / book chapter • 2009

Adaptation to climate change and social justice: Challenges for flood and disaster management in Thailand

Book / book chapter • 2009

Sustainable Production Consumption Systems: Knowledge, Engagement and Practice

Book / book chapter • 2009

Indigenous knowledge and decision making in Vietnam: Living with floods in An Giang Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam