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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • AOA2022-04SY-WCRP

Partnership for the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Open Science Conference 2023

The WCRP Open Science Conference is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to come together and jointly explore the transformative actions urgently needed to ensure a sustainable future. It will showcase advances in climate science, identify gaps and opportunities, and provide a forum for communities to jointly develop future activities. For the first time WCRP will hold its Open Science Conference in Africa, to facilitate global engagement with research communities, stakeholders and practitioners in Rwanda and the region. We anticipate 1500 delegates on site and an equal number connecting remotely. Scientists, practitioners, politicians, policy makers, intergovernmental agencies and NGOs are invited to showcase their work, learn from each other, and explore new ways to work together.

The conference links strongly to APN’s first four Goals (Research, Capacity Development, Science-Policy Interactions, and Community Engagement). The grant from APN will focus on Asia-Pacific-based early career professionals in APN member/approved countries in the region. It will be a huge opportunity for young people in the Asia-Pacific region to build connections with others, in particular in the African continent, at an early stage. There are many early career focussed activities, including an early and mid-career symposium on the day previous and day after the main conference.