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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2013-26NSY-Patankar

Characterizing public and private adaptation to climate change and implications for long-term adaptive capacity in Asian megacities

Climate-related hazards are evident not just in case of low-probability high-consequence events but also for high-probability low-consequence events, which lead to recurrent impacts and recurrent costs of adaptation. The coastal cities of South and South East Asia are acutely vulnerable to heavy precipitation, sea-level rise, cyclones and typhoons. The cities face frequent weather events related to heavy precipitation resulting in flash floods, loss of life and property, heavy damages to infrastructure and disruption of economic and social services. In light of this, it is critical to assess the vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies used by the coastal cities to cope with future climate risks. The existing literature on adaptation measures and their typology focuses on the widely used public or institutional adaptation measures. However, the private stakeholders like households and commercial/industrial establishments also undertake adaptation measures that need to be characterized to understand their costs, burden on the stakeholders and effectiveness in enhancing adaptive capacity. This study characterizes public and private adaptation measures in the three cities, Mumbai (India), Bangkok (Thailand) and Manila (Philippines) by using primary data gathered from households and commercial/industrial establishments and secondary data obtained from government entities and also evaluate their effectiveness and contribution to long-term resilience.

Project publications

Book / book chapter • 2019

Drought and Urbanization: The Case of the Philippines

Report • 2019

Co-designing Disaster Risk Reduction Solutions: Towards participatory action and communication in science, technology and academia

Book / book chapter • 2019

Shockwaves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty

Report • 2019

Impacts of natural disasters on households and small businesses in India

Book / book chapter • 2017

Co-designing DRR Solutions: Towards participatory action and communication in science, technology and academia

Peer-reviewed publication • 2016

Quantifying resilience to flooding among households and local government units using system dynamics: a case study in Metro Manila

Book / book chapter • 2016

Prosperity and Inequality in Metro Manila: Reflections on Housing the Poor, Climate Risk, and Governance of Cities

Report • 2015

The exposure, vulnerability, and ability to respond of poor households to recurrent floods in Mumbai

Report • 2015

Project Final Report: ARCP2013-26NSY-Patankar

Peer-reviewed publication • 2014

Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in Metro Manila: Challenging governance and human security needs of urban poor communities

Book / book chapter • 2014

Climate change adaptation in metro manila: Community risk assessment and power in community interventions

Peer-reviewed publication • 2013

Impacts of extreme weather events and implications for adaptation planning for coastal cities

Book / book chapter • 2013

Life Along Manila’s Flooding Rivers in The Environments of the Poor in Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific, Armin Bauer and Aris Ananta

Book / book chapter • 2013

The Environments of the Poor in Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific