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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2014-08CMY-Prabhakar, ARCP2013-18NMY-Prabhakar

Assessing community risk insurance initiatives and identifying enabling policy and institutional factors for maximizing climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction benefits from risk insurance

Several risk insurance initiatives have been implemented at grassroots level over the years for reducing the vulnerability of communities to natural disasters. Despite these efforts, the penetration of risk insurance in the developing Asia-Pacific is poor compared to many developed countries in the region due to several barriers that this sector is facing. Keeping this in view, this project aimed to assess the benefits accrued through community-level risk insurance experiences in the region, evaluate barriers limiting its penetration and identify interventions for greater risk insurance penetration leading to climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

Project publications

Peer-reviewed publication • 2018

Benefits and costs of risk insurance in selected countries of Asia

Report • 2017

Project Final Report: ARCP2014-08CMY-Prabhakar

Report • 2017

Promoting disaster risk insurance: Challenges and opportunities in Malaysia

Report • 2017

Case Studies in Insurance Effectiveness: Some Insights into Costs and Benefits

Report • 2017

Costs and benefits of agriculture insurance in India

Book / book chapter • 2017

Vulnerability reduction efficacy of financial inclusion to climate and economic changes: Evidences, bottlenecks and way forward

Report • 2017

Promoting risk insurance and other risk management approaches in Australia

Report • 2015

Evidence for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction synergies of interventions: An inductive approach

Book / book chapter • 2015

Effectiveness of Insurance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation: Challenges and Opportunities

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Disaster risks and insurance in the agriculture sector in Asia: A review

Brief • 2015

Risk insurance: addressing loss and damage

Peer-reviewed publication • 2015

Assessing the climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction effectiveness of risk insurance approaches

Report • 2014

Preliminary Focus Group Study: Australian Farmer Attitude to On-farm Risk Management and Insurance

Conference material • 2014

Evidence for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation effectiveness of insurance: Challenges and opportunities (IGES Workshop Proceedings)

Presentation • 2014

Crop insurance performance in Japan: Some preliminary observations

Presentation • 2014

Insurance effectiveness: Objectives and expectations

Peer-reviewed publication • 2014

Scaling up risk insurance in the Asia-Pacific region: Issues and way forward

Brief • 2013

Scaling up risk financing in Asia and the Pacific region: Bottom-up lessons from agriculture insurance in Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam

Book / book chapter • 2013

Promoting risk insurance in the Asia-Pacific region: Lessons from the ground for the future climate region under UNFCCC