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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2014-11CMY-Yamada, ARCP2013-21NMY-Yamada

Adaptation of Solid Waste Management to Frequent Floods in Vulnerable Mid-Scale Asian Cities

A series of field investigation and interview surveys revealed that disaster waste management framework developed from the Japanese experience, in which necessary functions are organized in 5 categories including operations, command, logistics, finance/administration, and planning, is also applicable in Thailand. Though some flood waste management plan has been developed at national level, there is no particular plan at the local level that deals with flood waste management, and development of local capacity is still a challenge. Based on the findings from the field survey, project developed the vulnerability assessment tool. Evaluation framework of the tool consists of six different vulnerability issue categories, with two to three criteria under each issue. The vulnerability issues are; (a) Reducing flood impact on usual waste management system (b) Securing flood waste management resources, (c) Adaptive planning and implementing plan for flood waste management (d) Preventing flood impact on buildings and infrastructures (e) Developing coping capacity of the people (f) Improving vulnerability conditions. It was reaffirmed that a vulnerability evaluation tool would be helpful for local officers to enhance their flood waste management capacity.

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