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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2013-08CMY-DeCosta, ARCP2012-13NMY-DeCosta

A Study on Loss of Land Surface and Changes to Water Resources Resulting from Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

Seawater level rise due to climate change has the potential to significantly impact on coastal zones through changes and loos of adjacent land and changes to water resources. This research focused on this area in order to develop management strategies to mitigate adverse effects of such change. Initially, GCM analyses in conjunction with historical data were used to derive possible sea level rise and then in conjunction with digital elevation maps and GIS information, changes to land surface / loss of land has been investigated. Further changes to water resources such as changes to ground water table, salinity intrusion to aquifers, impact on low lying areas etc., have been investigated. Thereby, management strategies to cope with the impact of these changes have been developed.

The study also investigated and developed a model to forecast the impact of sea level rise in situations and locations when the required data or the detail of the required data is unavailable. In addition to the detail modelling and the resultant findings the study developed a simplified / composite model to forecast loss of land surface and changes to water resources in coastal zones that could be easily globally adoptable. Thereby, lists of management strategies to manage such changes globally have been proposed.