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Timothy John Clough

Lincoln University

Prof T. J Clough is currently a professor in Environmental Biocheochemistry at Lincoln University, New Zealand. He is working in the area of terrestrial ecosystems with a focus on agriculture and the grazed pasture ecosystems. His research focuses on understanding the magnitude and mitigation of nitrogen loss pathways at both fundamental and applied levels. He has investigated both agronomic management effects on nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, and the efficacy of potential N2O mitigation options. Also, Prof. Clough focuses on improving our understanding of the integrated effects of soil physical, biological and chemical conditions that lead to both the production of N2O and its reduction to dinitrogen as fundamental research. He is a Fellow of the New Zealand Soil Science Society, and the Soil Science Society of America. He serves as a Chief Editor for Soil Biology & Biochemistry, and as the Senior Editor for New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research.  Prof. Clough completed BAgSci (Hons) degree in soil science at Lincoln College and obtained his PhD from Lincoln University