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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project collaborator

Poasi Ngaluafe

Ministry of Fisheries Tonga

Mr Poasi Ngaluafe is the current Head of the Fisheries Science Division within the Ministry of Fisheries in Tonga. He monitors research activities under Aquaculture, Animal Health & CITES, Offshore & Inshore and Community Development. Mr Ngaluafe graduated with an MSc in Marine Science from Otago University and has experience in fisheries research and management. He is also a focal point for the FAO, SPC, PEUMP, SPREP and ACIAR projects in Tonga under the Ministry of Fisheries. Mr Ngaluafe is involved in preparing EIA reports, assessing marine biofouling and invasive species, reviewing marine ecosystems, developing cost-effective aquaculture opportunities at the community level, and providing technical support to coastal communities under the Special Management Areas program.