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Bui Tran Vuong

Division of Water Resources Planning and Investigation for the South of Vietnam

Dr Bui Tran Vuong (BTV), the former Deputy Director of the Division of Water Resources Planning and Investigation for the South of Vietnam (DWRPIS, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment. He retired in 2019. Currently, he is a member of the Vietnamese Hydrogeological Association. He has experience in hydrogeological mapping, assessment of groundwater quality and quantity, groundwater monitoring, groundwater artificial recharge and groundwater flow modelling.

He is now working as a National Irrigation and Water resources management Consultant for the project “Enhancing sustainability of the Transboundary Cambodia – Mekong River Delta Aquifer Cambodia, Viet Nam”. He is responsible for collating information on the current baseline policies related to groundwater management, including extraction for irrigation and groundwater recharge dynamics; analyzing policy, regulatory and incentive frameworks related to water management and their implications for the sustainable management of groundwater in the Cambodia-Mekong River Delta aquifer; synthesizing information on recent and projected impacts of climate change on groundwater extraction, recharge, and levels and subsequent implications for coastal issues (e.g., subsidence, salinity intrusion) and water uses.

His recent published report is a desk study review on Transboundary aquifer issues and their social, economic and environmental implication on Mekong Delta and Policy recommendations on sustainable transboundary aquifer management. Recently he is co-author of articles on the Design of preliminary groundwater monitoring networks for the coastal Tra Vinh province in Mekong Delta, Vietnam; Sustainable groundwater development in the coastal Tra Vinh province in Vietnam under saltwater intrusion and climate change and Application of Hadrochemical Facies Evolution Diagram (HFE-D) and their spatial distributions for evaluating seawater intrusion of the Long Xuyen quadrangle and Ca Mau peninsula coastal aquifers, Southern Vietnam.

Dr Bui completed an M.Sc. (Hydrology and Water Resources) in 2000 from UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands and PhD (Utility and Protection of Natural Resources and Environment) in 2009 from the Institute of Natural Resources and Environment, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.